OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (2024)

OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (1)

For many, farming is a complicated skill that will cost a lot of money to max. Nothing is more wrong. In this osrs farming guide, we mention every method in the game to reach 99 farming. The fastest way to 99 with expensive tree runs but also welfare methods which still can gain you up to 550K experience per week!

Farming is also a great moneymaker with daily herb runs.

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1Farmer’s Outfit

2Efficient tree farm runs in osrs



2.3Efficient tree farm run

2.4Efficient daily fruit tree run

2.4.1Include Calquat tree into your fruit tree run

2.4.2Farming guild fruit tree

3OSRS Farming Guide — Fastest way to 99

3.2Levels 15-99 Tree runs

3.3Levels 27-99 Fruit Trees

3.4Levels 35-99 hardwood trees

3.5Levels 72-99 Special trees

3.5.1Include Calquat in your tree run

4OSRS Budget Farming Guide

5OSRS Farming Guide – Making money with herb runs

5.1Magic Secateurs

5.2Always use ultracompost

5.3Herb run calculator

6Farming Guild

6.1How to get to the farming guild

6.23 different tiers

6.3Farming contracts

7Tithe Farm Minigame

7.1Inventory/gear setup:

7.2Exp Rates

8.1Don’t compare it to other skills

8.2Watch tree run videos

8.3Farming contracts

8.4Time tracking plugins for third party clients

8.5Do your quests

9More osrs skilling guides

Farmer’s Outfit

OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (2)

The farmer’s outfit is a reward from the Tithe Farm mini-game. The full set gives the same 2.5% Exp boost that other skilling outfits give.

You will need 400 reward points from the tithe farm mini-game to unlock the full set. This should take you 4-8 hours depending on your farming level.

I wouldn’t say the 2.5% Exp boost is absolutely necessary but considering the mini-game can gain you up to 100K farming exp per hour, it’s very much worth it.

Efficient tree farm runs in osrs


  • Spirit Tree network (the grand tree quest)
  • Teleport Crystals (start Mournings End Part 1)
  • Teleportation tabs/runes (grand exchange) or a portal room in a P-O-H (player-owned-house)


  • Tree saplings
  • Coins/spade (to clear trees)
  • Hatchet (to chop down trees)
  • Gardener payment in noted form

Efficient tree farm run

Depending on the tree, you can do 2-3 tree runs a day.

LumbridgeFaladorVarrockTaverlyGnome StrongholdFarming Guild (65+)
Lumbridge (home) teleportFalador teleportVarrock teleportHouse teleport/falador teleportSlayer ring or spirit treeSpirit tree/fairy ring C I R/skills necklace
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (3)
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (4)
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (5)
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (6)
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (7)
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (8)

Efficient daily fruit tree run

Fruit trees take 16 hours to grow so you’ll be able to do this only once a day.

Gnome Stronghold (fruit tree)Tree Gnome Village (fruit tree)Lletya (fruit tree)Catherby (fruit tree)Brimhaven (fruit tree + calquat tree)
Use slayer ring or spirit tree teleportSpirit tree teleportTeleport crystalCatherby teleport (lunar spellbook or camelot teleportCharter from catherby (480gp) or have your house located in brimhaven
OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (9)OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (10)OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (11)OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (12)OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (13)

Include Calquat tree into your fruit tree run

The Calquat tree is unlocked at level 72 farming and can be planted in Tai Bwo Wannai (walk down from brimhaven). This tree takes 22.5 hours to grow making it a great 6th/7th fruit tree. All you’ll need is a calquat sapling and 8 poison ivy berries which you can buy from the grand exchange for less than 2K.

Pretty neat for a daily experience drop of 12K+.

Farming guild fruit tree

Once you reach level 85 farming you unlock the 6th fruit tree patch in the west wing of the farming guild. You should plant a spirit tree in the farming guild for the fastest transportation and make this your starting point.

So from level 85 your daily fruit tree run will look like this: Farming Guild (farming contracts/fruit tree) > Gnome stronghold > Tree gnome village > Lletya > Catherby > Brimhaven (fruit tree + Calquat)

OSRS Farming Guide — Fastest way to 99

Questing levels 1 – 33

In order to skip the first few levels of farming, there are a couple of low requirement quests that you can do first. Especially fairy tale p1 is important for the magic secateurs and fairy ring transportation.

LevelsQuestRewardQuest RequirementsLevel Requirements
1 – 9Goblin Generals1,000 expGoblin diplomacy, cooks assistant
9 – 20Fairy tale part 13,500 expLost city, Nature spirit, the restless ghost, priest in peril
20 – 27Forgettable tale..5,000 expThe giant dwarf, Fishing contest22 cooking, 17 farming, 12 crafting, 16 firemaking, 33 magic, 14 thieving, 10 fishing
27 – 30Garden of Tranquillity5,000 expCreature of fenkenstrain25 farming, 20 crafting, 25 thieving
30 – 33My Arms big Adventure5,000 expEadgar’s ruse, druidic ritual, troll stronghold & death plateau31 herblore, 15 agility

Alternative: levels 1 – 15 allotment patches

1 – 5Potatoes983
5 – 7onions114.52
7 – 12cabbage1256
12 – 15Tomatoes152.54

Levels 15-99 Tree runs

From level 15 you unlock tree runs, which is what you’ll be doing all the way to 99. These give you the fastest experience possible though it will cost you quite a bit.

For the fastest experience, try to do at least 2 tree runs a day. There are 6 tree patches available so from level 75 you can gain up to 170K exp on tree runs alone.

Always use the most efficient tree run order.

levelsTreeExp perAmountGrowth timePayment
15 – 30Oak Trees (acorn seed)481.3232 hours 20 minBasket of tomatoes
30 – 45Willow Trees (willow seed)1481.5333 hours 40 minBasket of apples
45 – 60Maple Trees (maple seed)3448.4625 hours 20 minBasket of oranges
60 – 75Yew Trees (yew seed)7150.91316 hours 40 min10 cactus spines
75 – 99Magic Tree (magic seed)13913.88508 hours25 coconuts

Levels 27-99 Fruit Trees

Starting at level 27 you’ll unlock fruit trees which you should combine with your tree runs. These take 16 hours to grow. Just like regular tree patches, there are 6 fruit tree patches available.

Starting from level 81 you can get up to 107K Exp a day from fruit tree runs alone.

Always use the most efficient fruit tree run order.

LevelsFruit treeExperiencePayment
27 – 33Apple trees1272.59 sweetcorn
33 – 39Banana trees1841.54 basket of apples (5)
39 – 42Orange trees2586.73 basket of strawberries (5)
42 – 51Curry trees3036.95 basket of bananas (5)
51 – 57Pineapple trees4791.710 watermelon
57 – 68Papaya trees6380.410 pineapples
68 – 81Palm trees10509.615 papaya fruits
81 – 99Dragonfruit trees1789515 coconuts

TIP: Pineapple and papaya trees are incredibly cheap compared to every other fruit tree in osrs. If you don’t want to waste money, you should stick to those until 99.

Levels 35-99 hardwood trees

From level 35 farming you unlock hardwood trees. These can be planted on Fossil island meaning you’ll need to complete the bone voyage quest to access the tree patches.

There are 3 hardwood tree patches on fossil island and they are all located in the same spot. These have a long growth time but they are relatively inexpensive and give you a huge experience boost so you should not skip out on them.

With Teak trees, every 2,5 days you’ll get a 22K exp drop. This amounts to about 60K extra experience per week.

With Mahogany trees, you’ll get a 50K exp drop, twice a week.

LevelsTreeExperienceGrowth timePaymentWeekly EXP Drop
35 – 55Teak trees72902 days 17 hours 20 min15 limpwurt rootd60K
55 – 99Mahogany trees157203 days 13 hours 20 min25 yanillian hops100K

Levels 72-99 Special trees

Include Calquat in your tree run

At level 72 you unlock the Calquat tree which is a very cheap tree that can only be planted in Tai Bwo Wannai. You can easily incorporate this into your efficient fruit tree run by running down from brimhaven after harvesting your last fruit tree.

Other special trees such as crystal trees, spirit trees, celestrus and redwood trees can be used to increase your daily/weekly experience rates.

Spirit trees are very handy for creating multiple new teleportation locations through your spirit tree network.

LevelsTree TypeExperienceGrowth timePaymentLocation
72Calquat tree12,225.521.3 hours(8) poison ivy berriesTai Bwo Wannai (just down from brimhaven)
74 (song of the elves)Crystal tree13,3668 hoursN/APrifddinas
83Spirit trees19,501.321.3 hours5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground suqah toothFarming Guild, Etceteria, Brimhaven, Port Sarim, Hosidius
85Celestrus tree14,33013.3 hours(8) potato cactusFarming Guild
90redwood tree22,680106.7 hours(6) dragonfruitsFarming Guild

OSRS Budget Farming Guide

Even for those on a budget, getting 99 farming is very feasible as long as you start early. By skipping regular trees and focussing entirely on fruit tree runs, you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Fruit trees are significantly lower in price than regular trees and some even make a small profit.

LevelsFruit treeExperiencePaymentProfit/tree
27 – 33Apple trees1272.59 sweetcornBreak even
33 – 39Banana trees1841.54 basket of apples (5)Break even
39 – 42Orange trees2586.73 basket of strawberries (5)– 2000 gp
42 – 51Curry trees3036.95 basket of bananas (5)– 3000 gp
51 – 57Pineapple trees4791.710 watermelon+ 1000 gp
57 – 99Papaya trees6380.410 pineapples– 4000 gp

Doing this method, you will get about 41K exp per day with pineapple and 50K Exp per day with papaya. Combine that with hardwood trees twice a week and you’re looking at 350K – 550K Exp per week. Pretty neat for less than 1 hour of work per week.

Don’t forget to do you daily Calquat tree as well. The patch is located in Tai Bwo Wannai and you can easily run down after finishing your fruit tree patch in brimhaven.

The little money you’ll spend you can easily make back with daily herb runs.

OSRS Farming Guide – Making money with herb runs

OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (14)

Since you’ll be losing a lot of money doing tree runs it’s recommended to make some back by doing herb runs.

Herb runs can make you a nice 100K+ gp per run and you can do them every 80 minutes.

Read also: OSRS Efficient herb running route

Magic Secateurs

Magic secateurs are a reward from Fairytale part 1 and absolutely necessary for your herb runs as they will increase your herb yield with 10%!

Always use ultracompost

A mistake new players (and even more experienced) is that they use supercompost instead of ultracompost. The mistake lays with the thinking that compost is just used to decrease the death-rate of your herbs, this is not completely true. Ultracompost will increase your herb yield with 20% over supercompost.

Herb run calculator

Be sure to always use the herb run calculator to find the most recent prices. The calculator works of your current farming level and the equipment (compost/secateurs/..) you use.

Toadflax are generally your safest bet as they still yield a high profit but the seeds are very inexpensive meaning there is never really a risk.

Farming Guild

OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (15)

Once you reach level 45 farming you can gain access to the farming guild. The farming guild is located in the Kebos Lowlands and you’ll need 60% Hosidius favour to gain access.

How to get to the farming guild

  • Skills necklace teleport
  • Fairy ring code C I Q
  • Having a spirit tree planted inside the guild (83 farming)

3 different tiers

The farming guild comprises of 3 different tiers: beginner (45+), intermediate (65+) and advanced (85+). Each tier unlocks a new part of the guild.

Beginner tierIntermediate tierAdvanced tier
Cactus patchHerb patch6th fruit tree patch
Two Allotment patchesTree patchCelastrus tree patch
Flower pacthHespori patchRedwood tree patch
Bush patchAnima patchSpirit tree patch

Farming contracts

Farming contracts are similar to slayer contracts. They come in three different tiers (Beginner, intermediate and advanced) and can be requested by speaking with guild master Jane.

Once you complete a contract, you get a seed pack from the guild master. These contain random seeds depending on your tier. The higher the tier, the higher the profit.

On average a beginner contract makes you about 15K, an intermediate 50K and an advanced contract can make you 100K.

Tithe Farm Minigame

The tithe farm mini-game is the only way to get to train farming in a non-afk way. If you’re someone who prefers to grind, this can be a good alternative to conventional farming methods.

In this mini-game, you will be planting and maintaining fast-growing fruits. You can only get 100 fruit per instance, once you’ve reached 100, deposit them into a sack to get your Exp drop.

Inventory/gear setup:

  • Full graceful (or other weight-reducing armour)
  • 8 watering cans
  • rune pouch with runes for Humidify (if you have lunars)
  • spade/seed dibber
  • stamina potions
  • 2 free inventory slots for the seeds/fruits

Exp Rates

LevelsEXP per 100 fruitEXP Rate
34 farming966020-30K/hr
54 farming2254050-60K/hr
74 farming3703080-100K/hr

Exp rates depend on the seeds you’re planting, which depend on your farming level. Your strategy also impacts the hourly rate.

Farming tips, tricks & common mistakes

Don’t compare it to other skills

The reason players often neglect farming is because they think it’s a slow skill. Farming is not a slow skill, it’s a SUPER afk skill. Like our welfare guide states, you can make up to 550K experience per week for as little as 1 hour of work. Farming is actually the lowest effort skill in osrs, use it!

Watch tree run videos

If you’re not well acquainted with the Gielinor landscape, farming can be scary because there is so much traveling. One thing you can do to familiarize yourself before you start is to watch a couple of herb/tree/fruit tree run videos. You’ll soon realize that getting around isn’t that hard at all.

Farming contracts

Always have something planted in your farming guild patches (highest seed possible). This way, when you check in with the guild master for your contracts, there might be a good chance that you already did the requested contract.

Simply check the health or harvest that patch and check back in with the guild master. Depending on your rng you can complete up to 6 contracts in a row using this method. Considering each seedbox is worth around 100k in the advanced tier, this is well worth the effort.

Time tracking plugins for third party clients

If you’re using a third party client like Runelite you should toggle the “time tracking” plugin. This tracks every single patch for you so you know when they are finished without having to check for yourself.

Do your quests

If you don’t have the quests done for certain teleportation methods such as the fairy ring and spirit tree network, farming will be a pain in your ass. These are very low-level requirement, short quests that will take up very little of your time. Just get them done!

Hopefully, this osrs farming guide was useful. If anything is missing or needs updating, feel free to let us know. To check experience rates and latest prices you can use the osrs farming calculator.

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OSRS Complete 1 -99 Farming Guide - OSRS Guide (2024)
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